The ProKids Annual Campaign

Thanks to an anonymous donor, each donation will be matched, up to $50,000, received Nov. 28 through midnight, Dec. 31.

Want to do even more for ProKids?

Start a fundraiser on Facebook for us! It’s this easy:

  1. Go to Facebook here
  2. Under the photo at the top of our page, click on the “+” that says “Create Fundraiser”
  3. You will get a pop-up screen that asks you how much money you want to raise and when you want it to end. Our Annual Campaign ends at midnight on Dec. 31 — which is when the matching grant also expires.
  4. You can edit the text that explains ProKids; maybe explain why you support ProKids yourself.
  5. Select a photo you would like to present with the post. You’ll see lots of options.
  6. Then click “create.” That’s it!

Facebook will take care of the rest, including notifying you about the status of your fundraiser.