A Wish for Peace in 2016


Every day, ProKids works to change the cycle of violence in Greater Cincinnati families. By making sure children are in safe, secure homes, we can not only change those lives — we change the lives of the next years sign

Samantha grew up surrounded by every kind of abuse: physical, emotional, sexual. Those who were supposed to protect her were addicted to drugs and alcohol; all of their childhoods had been marked by abuse as well.

Traumatized, Samantha dropped out of school at 14 and was soon pregnant. She became addicted to heroin. Her little girl was removed from her care shortly after birth.

But thanks to a ProKids CASA Volunteer, Samantha was inspired to recover from her drug use and work with therapists to work past her childhood trauma.

Now, Samantha is married and is raising her daughter as well as her baby son. She is in college, working and spreading the word about how change is possible.

At ProKids, our hope for every child we serve is that they find peace in their lives. That they have peace in their families.

And it’s our hope for your own family as well.

Spread the peace. Begin your new year by being a part of ProKids.

Happy New Year!