Volunteers Get Ready for School Year

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Thanks to the efforts to the ProKids Young Professionals (PKYP) ProKids CASA Volunteers were able to pick up fully stocked backpacks for every one of the children ProKids serves.

Crayons 2 Computers helped ProKids make sure the right supplies were in the right bags, thanks to their connections with area schools. While the CASA Volunteers were here, they were able to also pick up other kinds of supplies for our children — like toothbrushes and winter hats — and select books for their children to enjoy.

In addition, members of the ProKids Education Team were available to answer questions about school services so that CASA Volunteers can advocate in the classroom.

While 17- to 18-year-olds who were in foster care average a 7th grade reading level, 97% of ProKids children receive appropriate educational placement or achieve their developmental milestones (for younger children). Learn more here about ProKids outcomes.