Our Staff

Our passionate & dedicated staff works every day to support our CASA Volunteers.

Executive Director: Tracy Cook

Executive Coordinator: Allison Hudson


CASA Program Director/GAL: Charlotte Caples
Team Leader/Launch Program Manager/CASA Manager/GAL: Erin Holden
Team Leader/CASA Manager/GAL: Carmen Langenkamp
Team Leader/CASA Manager/GAL: Candy Stemple
CASA Manager/GAL: Staci Bell
CASA Manager/GAL: Andrea Brunner
CASA Manager/Framing Futures Program Manager/GAL: Brenda E. Gray
CASA Manager/GAL: Anna Hazard
CASA Manager/GAL: Jennifer Henz
CASA Manager/Building Blocks Program Manager/GAL: Kyla Hemler
CASA Manager/GAL: Lorena Mora-Mowry
CASA Manager/GAL: Kathleen Schaefer
CASA Manager/GAL: Jessica Widecan
CASA Manager/GAL: Morgan Zak
GAL designation refers to Guardian ad Litem

Advocacy Coordinator: Terry McKay

Litigation Director: Paul Hunt
Senior Staff Attorney: Jeff McCormick
Staff Attorney: Sarah Barlage
Litigation Assistant: Barb Rambo

Professional Development & Education

Professional Development & Education Director: Kathy King
Team Leader: Daniel Stultz
CASA Development Manager: Kaitlyn Ratterman
Training and Certification Manager: Peri Russo
Administrative Assistant: Lindsay Clanton

Community Development

Community Director: Jennifer McKettrick
Senior Community Relationship Manager: Mary Kay Koehler
Volunteer Engagement Team Leader: Stephanie Kuzma
Senior Foundation Manager: Torie Russert
Communications Manager: Julie Kemble Borths
Foundation & Grant Coordinator: Bess (B.) Gordon
Database Administrator: Rhonda Huber
Community Relationship Manager: Sarah Kurtz
Digital Communications: Laine McDonnell
Events & Creative Manager: Amanda Schneider
Community Relationship Manager: Shannon Yung

Business Operations

Business Operations Director: Carol Igoe
Data Systems Manager: Sheri Callaghan
Office/Accounting Manager: Kara Feltrup