One person can save lives, right here

One person can save lives, right here in our community.

Your donation will help us recruit, train, and support more volunteers so that someday ProKids can give every child in foster care a voice. Your gift is tax-deductible and can be designated in honor of someone’s birthday or celebration, or in memory of a friend or loved one. Find out more about this from our 2015 ProKids Friends of Children Breakfast.

There are many ways to help:

Make a Multi-year Pledge

When you make a multi-year commitment, you leave a legacy of support that serves as the basis for ProKids sustainable growth. Your pledge provides us with the funds to expand and reach more children throughout the Cincinnati area. Multi-year pledges can be made at our Friends of Children Society level (below) or can be $25, $50, $100, or $500 a year for 2 to 10 years. Join other donors who have made a long-term commitment to the work of CASA volunteers.

Join Our Friends of Children Society

Our Friends of Children Society is a multiyear pledge society that provides the long-term stability ProKids needs to serve more children.

A Gift of Security: $1,000 per year for five years Supports training and supervision of a CASA volunteer.

A Gift of Hope: $2,500 per year for five years Provides a child with a CASA volunteer for each year.

A Gift of Faith: $10,000 per year for five years Provides four children with CASA volunteers for each year.

A Gift of Love: $25,000 per year for five years Provides 10 children with CASA volunteer for each year.

To learn more, contact Jennifer McKettrick at 513-487-6445 or email us »

Become a Sponsor

Play a vital role in ensuring more children have the benefit of a CASA volunteer by supporting ProKids as an event sponsor. Our events are attended by a diverse group of hundreds of civic and philanthropic leaders in Cincinnati. Sponsorships start at $1,000 and include a variety of benefits.

To learn more, download the ProKids' Sponsorship Packet [PDF], contact Chris Conlan at 513-487-6448, or email us »

Host a Benefit for ProKids

Join with ProKids to celebrate and support our unique opportunity to help children in need. Many generous businesses, organizations, and individuals have chosen ProKids to benefit from their self-organized special events and efforts. From concerts to cooking demonstrations, if you have a fundraising idea and are looking for a great beneficiary, please consider ProKids.

To learn more, contact ProKids at 513-281-2000.

Donate an Item from our Wish List

Interested in one more way to get involved?  You can help ProKids by donating a variety of items that volunteers and staff will use while helping our children.

To see a complete list of items needed, click here.