Our Annual Report to the Community

2018 Report to the Community

The annual ProKids Annual Report to Our Community highlights how the arc of children’s lives have changed through our proactive staff, our engaged CASA volunteers and our Committed Community of supporters.

As the youngest of 10 children, I cannot imagine a child not having a home and a family.

It’s the most basic building block of our society. Without the security of a home, children face obstacles and disadvantages that will last their entire lives.

That’s why I, like so many others, am a part of ProKids. We bring the vision of a safe, permanent, nurturing home to children’s lives.

You’ll see our accomplishments, and those who made it happen, on this page.

In 2018, we advocated for 887 children, thanks to 267 dedicated volunteers who are trained and supported as Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASA Volunteers. This was possible due to volunteers, donors and staff who understand the power of this advocacy.

Thank you for envisioning a community that can be different. Thank you for being a part of ProKids.

-Bob McMahon, ProKids Board President

A child needs you.

A child who has been abused and neglected. An infant born with heroin in their system. A teen trying to find food for their siblings. A 9-year-old carrying the terrible secret of sexual abuse and a 16-year-old, having been labeled as a “problem,” moving between foster homes.

All of them have experienced trauma. And it is not a single agency or a system that cares for our children. It is a committed community.

Since ProKids began in 1981, people like you have shown us what is possible. And we continue to work toward a day when every child has the advocacy they need, breaking the vicious cycle of abuse and neglect and creating a cycle of growing up safe and confident.

Thank you for being there for a child who needs you.

– Tracy Cook, ProKids Executive Director

Your Time Matters

In just 2 to 4 hours per week, you can change a child’s life, making sure they are safe and they get what they need. As a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA Volunteer you will be appointed by the court to speak up for a child, often in foster care, who needs your voice. Every minute matters in the life of a child.

Your Gift Matters

Discover the power of investing in the promise of our children. Your financial support enables ProKids staff and volunteers to speak up for abused and neglected children in Hamilton County. You can give directly here, as well as learn about other ways to give including community giving programs and planned giving.

Past Reports to the Community

Why ProKids?

Scott’s advocacy helped two sisters get settled pretty quickly with a relative, but their brother had more complex needs. He can be violent and suffers from PTSD after years of abuse from his mother’s boyfriend in a home filled with chaos. Scott won’t give up on the boy with the big smile. This video reenactment tells this family’s story.


Carmen advocated for K.J. when she seemed alone in the world. The teen had a medical conditions that took away her abilities and led her to life in a nursing home. Even when K.J. died at only 19, Carmen didn’t stop advocating, making sure K.J. was remembered with a service and a moving eulogy. Read more here.

Adrianne is an attorney and thought she knew what a CASA Volunteer did. But since she joined ProKids, she’s learned a lot. “We learn things that no one else can take the time to learn,” she says. Read more here.

CASA Volunteer David thought there wasn’t much hope for Micah; his father had left him at a hospital with a note that said he didn’t want the 8-year-old anymore. But thanks to David’s advocacy and some research, an aunt was located who couldn’t wait for Micah to make a home with her. Read more here.

As a CASA Volunteer, Marla has been advocating for Jack through a number of placement, including inpatient psychiatric care. All the little boy wants is a forever home. Marla sees him regularly to reassure him of her commitment in a world where it must seem like everyone leaves. Read more here.

Chip, a ProKids board member, shares his family’s own difficult story and says the uncertainty of a foster child’s life, not knowing where they will go next or what might happen, is worse than what he’s experienced because they need the presence and love of family. See him tell his story in a video here.

Leslie began to volunteer at the ProKids front desk. But she saw the numbers of children coming into the child protection system and felt she had to step up. As a CASA Volunteer, she appreciates the support of the advocacy team every step of the way. Read more here.

Amy has been a part of ProKids nearly since the beginning. She’s been a Friends of Children Society Member and a board member. She then became a CASA Volunteer, appreciating the power of the role even when quietly watching “Cars” with a hospitalized child. Read more here.

Janet says as a CASA Volunteer she sees how children can suffer trauma. “None of us have a say in who we are born to,” she says. Sometimes, this trauma can mean they push others away with their behavior. But CASA Volunteers don’t give up. Read more here.