ProKids Toasts Endowment Growth

Amy Merrell, an early investor in Rhinegeist, inspired a special brew: Amy, an elegant, Belgian-styled beer.

After her death in 2015, she inspired her sister, Liz Ricci, to create an endowment for ProKids — the first endowment for the organization.

“The work of ProKids is breaking the cycle of child abuse and neglect” Liz Ricci said. “If these children have different childhoods, they can become successful adults. That makes a difference for our entire community.” 

The Amy Merrell Steps to Success Endowment remembers Amy Merrell’s devotion to her community. The annual Rhinegeist event helps further the work of ProKids to change the future for abused and neglected children by recruiting, training and supporting volunteers who speak up for them.