“We Found Our Tribe”: Forever Families Affirmed on Adoption Day

It was a wild day with cupcakes, balloons and lots of smiles as ProKids CASA Volunteers and CASA Managers joined several families for the kickoff of National Adoption Month.

The families finalized their adoptions in Hamilton County Probate Judge Ralph Winkler’s courtroom.

And even as parents and children went about the solemn business of becoming forever families, they were chasing toddlers from under tables and across the judge’s bench, opening “forever” presents and showing off “adoption day” outfits. It was a morning of joy and laughter as well as reflection.

Nate, an adoptive father, said simply that their two children “chose us and we are choosing them.”

CASA Volunteer Emily, who has worked with the children for three years, said the match was “perfect. It has been amazing to see so much of their potential blossom.”

Her CASA Manager, Kathleen, said that the family coming together demonstrated “what stability can do for children.”

In another adoption, two girls who are over age 12, were required to formally sign a document that they wanted their foster mother to become their adoptive mother. “This means everything,” said the older sister, 16. “It means that you have a family that stays with you always.”