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Please help ProKids express our sympathy to Jane Hawkins on the passing of her husband Lawrence, a longtime ProKids board member:

Jim Hudepohl’s mother passed unexpectedly. Jim is an FOC member and husband of our newest board member Michelle Hudepohl. Please help ProKids express our sympathy:

Board member Jenn Bastos, owner of Castle House child clothing store, suffered damage to her shop this past week. An electrical fire damaged the building and all of her inventory. Help us show our support:

Please help us congratulate Tonya Buchanan on her new role at Parachute in Butler County. Tonya will be taking over as director at the end of June:

Congratulate Chris Schultz, the current director of Parachute, on her coming retirement:

Sign our get well card for board member Steve Moser, who recently underwent knee surgery:

Congratulate board president Bob McMahon and Eberly McMahon Copetas LLC on the law firm’s new office building: