You Can Have an Impact

For nearly 10 years, Jim Lake has been advocating for children as a ProKids CASA Volunteer. “I consider myself a sort of jim_lakelegal monitor who can ensure that a child has all the resources they need for a safe and productive experience when they are in the care of Hamilton County Job & Family Services,” Lake says.

With a full-time job and four children, who are all in college now, he likes how he can make a difference on a flexible schedule. “If you have two or three hours a week, you can be a CASA and truly impact a child’s experience,” Lake says. “We provide an important service. The magistrates want to hear our input and recommendations on the case.”

Lake says his cases have involved eight different children, all of whom had been abused and neglected. He likes that a CASA Volunteer is more than a mentor or “big brother” figure. “I tell myself that one day a child may look back and remember that a volunteer was there for them during a difficult time in their life.”

“As a CASA Volunteer, we are appointed by the Juvenile Court Magistrate to advocate for a child who has been abused and neglected,” Lake said.