Volunteers’ Life Experience Leads to ProKids Commitment

Like war veterans, abused and neglected children suffer PTSD. Right here in Greater Cincinnati.

You can make a difference as a ProKids volunteer, like these volunteers who served in the Vietnam War. You can learn more about why they do what they do in these conversations excerpted here and archived by StoryCorps.

PTSD impacts abused and neglected children at a higher rate than returning war veterans. The trauma these children have experienced can pale in comparison to the trauma two volunteers saw in Vietnam. And that’s why they give their time to speak up for children in Hamilton County, Ohio, through ProKids.

Two volunteers at ProKids — one as an attorney and one as a Court Appointed Special Advocate — speak up for abused and neglected children. Their experiences in the Vietnam War have impacted their lives as well as their desire to make a difference.

As young men, two ProKids volunteers both served in Vietnam. They learned more than they expected to learn as soldiers. Those experiences made a difference in their lives and impact their work at ProKids.

Learn more about the case that Donald discusses with Tom in this graphic novelization by Lucy May and Kevin Necessary of WCPO.com.

Part 1: Childhood Saved

Part 2: The Hurt and Healing Continue